It is really important to use headings correctly on your website. This is so people using a screenreader can quickly scan a page and find the content they need and so search engines will index your site more thoroughly – headings are picked up as more important than standard paragraph text.

This means that you need to highlight the text and apply a heading style and not just make the text bold; This is very common mistake if you are copying and pasting from a document.

To create a heading within your page click the plus sign to add a new block and select ‘Heading 3′

Generally on a website ‘Heading 1’ is reserved for the title of the whole site. ‘Heading 2’ is for page titles and ‘Heading 3’ are sub headings within a page. Therefore in the editor you should use Heading 3 (H3) for headings.

If you have pasted in text that is already bold, you will need to change it to a heading. Select the block and transform it to a Heading.

  • Keep in mind 65 characters or less (including spaces). This is because search engines truncate (cut off) titles in Google search results over that number. Words or parts of words will be cut off.
  • Make sure your title is unique. It’s not helpful for people if search results show a list of pages with the exact same title.
  • Titles should be clear and descriptive. The title should provide full context so that people can easily see if they’ve found what they’re looking for
  • Front-load your titles. The most important information and the words the user is mostly likely to have searched should be at the beginning of the search result.