French: Idioms Activity

Idioms offer a fascinating window into how other cultures experience and interpret the world, extending beyond straightforward linguistic equivalence.

Year Group: Key Stage 3, S1–3

Language: French

Type: Main Activity

In this exercise, students are invited to decode and get creative with a selection of foreign-language idioms, using a mixture of pictures and words. In each case, after using image prompts and a glossary to produce a literal translation of the idiom in English, there is space for them to come up with a creative translation that channels the spirit of the original idiom, if not always the letter!


Rosie Eyre

Rosie Eyre is a translator, editor and dyed-in-the-wool logophile working from French and Spanish. She is the translator of Caring in Times of Covid-19 (2020), a bilingual Spanish-English book exploring the work of Madrid collectives during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, and 100 First Words for Toddlers (2021), a bilingual picture book helping young learners to expand their vocabulary in French. Her first full-length fiction translation, for Strangers Press’s upcoming Swiss series of chapbooks, is set to be published in spring 2022. She is currently working across the Trust’s Stephen Spender Prize and Creative Translation in the Classroom initiatives, and is also Deputy Reviews Editor and Editorial Assistant at the European Literature Network.

More information about her translation work and other literary activities can be found at