Stephen Spender online catalogue of journalistic writings
This is the first stage in the development of an online, electronic archive of the writings of Stephen Spender. At this stage, the archive is based on the catalogue of The Journalistic Writings of Stephen Spender (1999), compiled by Ann Totterdell.

An electronic edition of a literary catalogue represents a significant advance on print. In this case the basics of the Totterdell catalogue are reconstructed in a FileMaker Pro database served as dynamic webpages. This allows for searching and sorting of the information in various, informative ways: for example, sorting alphabetically or chronologically by journal, or finding a list of incipits to the poems listed here (over 250 of which appeared in Spender's journalism).

The Stephen Spender Memorial Trust made an official deposit of copies of the journalism to the British Library on 13th May 2002. It is hoped that copies of each piece of journalism eventually will be incorporated into a future, more advanced edition of this online catalogue, so that those interested in the work of Spender, and in the workings of his mind and opinions across a long and fruitful career, will be able to find and read the relevant material here courtesy of the Stephen Spender Memorial Trust.

If you have information about journalism, letters or other published or unpublished work by Stephen Spender and would like to contribute to this active online resource, please contact the editor of this electronic edition, Dr Robert McNamee, or the Director of the Stephen Spender Memorial Trust, Robina Pelham Burn.

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