Stephen Spender was a fine translator of the poetry of Lorca, Altoguerra, Rilke, Hölderlin, Stefan George and Schiller. The Trust continues Stephen Spender’s work, promoting literary translation, encouraging and stimulating a new generation of literary translators and facilitating by means of a grants programme that is temporarily on hold translation projects which otherwise would not be viable.

The Times Stephen Spender Prize for poetry in translation was established in 2004. For more information about the prize, click here.

The Trust has given away approximately £42,000 in grants for the translation of contemporary writers into English. For more information, click here.

Since 2001, the Trust has given grants for translation projects. For information about these grants, please click on the "Grants" button above.

The Trust has also commissioned the translation of a novel - The Beauty of History - by the Estonian writer Viivi Luik. Although one of Estonia's foremost writers, and published to great acclaim in France and Germany, Viivi Luik has never been published in English. The translation has been undertaken by Hildi Hawkins, a literary translator of considerable standing, and the Trust will be giving the rights in this translation to whichever publisher publishes the book.

The translation committee comprises Dr Harriet Harvey Wood, OBE, long-time Director of the British Council's Literature Department, Christopher MacLehose, Publisher of The MacLehose Press, Philip Spender, who has worked with Index on Censorship, Writers and Scholars Educational Trust and OneWorld Online, and Daniel Weissbort, editor for more than 30 years of Modern Poetry in Translation and co-editor of Exchanges.

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