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The Stephen Spender Prize 2017 for poetry in translation
in association with the Guardian

Prizewinners and commended

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14-and-under prize


Katherine Linaker, This is the Way by BL Pasternak (Russian)


Hannnah Gillot, The Anxious Lotus Flower by Heinrich Heine (German)
Natasha Symes, On our Way Home from School by Jacques Prévert (French)
Warsan Zubeir Masabo, You will get Wealth from the Farm Traditional (Swahili)

18-and-under prize


First: Ambah Brondum-Christensen, Per Diem by Daphne Pratt (Krio)
Second: Euan McGreevy, Architectural Pride by Sergio C Fanjul (Spanish)
Third: Marina Kisluik, A Mistake by Marina Tsvetaeva (Russian)


Isobel Sanders, Elegy 3.8 by Propertius (Latin)

Open prize


First: Gabi Reigh, The Traveller by Marin Sorescu (Romanian)
Second: Andrew Fentham, Balaton Accident by András Gerevich (Hungarian)
Third: Antoinette Fawcet, from Wind-still by Leo Vroman (Dutch)

Highly commended

Deirdre McMahon, from Beneath The World A Storehouse Of Stars by Marica Bodrožić (German)


Stewart Sanderson, from Charm To Quiet A Crying Baby Anonymous, (Akkadian)
Kevin Maynard, Building Walls by Liu Kezhuang (Chinese)
Antoinette Fawcett, Journey into the Known by Han van der Vegt (Dutch)