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The Times Stephen Spender Prize 2013

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14-and-under prize


Noah Norman, Cyrano's speech from Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand (French)


Zélie Everest, King Midas's donkey ears from Ovid's Metamorphoses (Latin)
Takis Galatis, Toothache by Wilhelm Busch (German)
Ludovica di Vincenzo, Death will come and she'll have your eyes by Cesare Pavese (Italian)

18-and-under prize


Joint first: Anna Leader, The approaching winter by Jules Laforgue (French)
Joint first: Ephraim Levinson, Abishag by Rainer Maria Rilke (German)
Third: Harry Sellen, A down-to-earth affair by Erich Kästner (German)


Daina Auzins, While I loved you by Juris Kronbergs (Latvian)
Claudia Habergham, The Eiffel Tower by Guillaume Apollinaire (French)
Sam Norman, Life after death by Pindar (ancient Greek)
Clio Takas, The third man by Yiannis Ritsos (modern Greek)

Open prize


First: Karen Leeder, Childhood in the Diorama by Durs Grünbein (German)
Second: Alistair Elliot, Venice by Mihai Eminescu (Romanian)
Joint third: Jane Tozer, Wulf my Wulf anon (Anglo-Saxon)
Joint third: John RG Turner, Hell's ante-room from Dante's Inferno (Italian)


Ken Cockburn, Bullbars by Thomas Rosenlöcher (German)
Ian Crockatt, The terrible loss of his sons by Egil Skallagrímsson (Old Norse)
Antoinette Fawcett, Safeguard by Ed Leeflang (Dutch)
Jane Tozer, from Dame Sirith anon (Middle English)
Ben Williams, The killing game by M C Solaar (French)