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The Times Stephen Spender Prize 2009


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14-and-under prize


Johanna Reimann-Dubbers, The Cricket and the Ant by La Fontaine (French)


Maddy Cummins, Atalanta by Ovid (Latin)
Charlie Dowding, The Miracles of Our Lady by Gonzalo de Berceo (Spanish)
Marwin Kalo, The Aral Sea by Raim Farkhadi (Russian)
Robert Longman, If My Voice Dies on Land by Rafael Alberti (Spanish)
William Yates, The Horse and the Wolf by La Fontaine (French)

18-and-under prize


1st: Naomi Ackerman, from The Iliad, Book 24 by Homer (Ancient Greek)
2nd: Clara Yick Kay Fung, Phoenix Hairpin by Lu You (Classical Chinese)
3rd: Jennifer Cearns, Dead in the Water by Georg Heym (German)


Claire Ewbank, The Rats by Georg Trakl (German)
Nadan Hadzic, Sarajevo’s Prayer by Abdulah Sidran (Bosnian)
Christina Macsween, from Metamorphoses XII by Ovid (Latin)
Caitlin Spencer, Amores 1.12 Ovid (Latin)
Saskia Volhard Dearman, Ode to Coastal Flowers by Pablo Neruda (Spanish)

Open prize


1st: Paul Batchelor, The Damned from Inferno, Canto V, by Dante Alighieri (Italian)
2nd: Michael Swan, God, My Good Neighbour by Rainer Maria Rilke (German)
3rd: Jane Tozer, Leper by BĂ©roul (Medieval French)


A. C. Clarke, The Double Room by Charles Baudelaire (French)
Timothy Taylor, Corpse Washing by Rainer Maria Rilke (German)
John Turner, Sonnet for Autumn by Sully Prudhomme (French)
Stefanie Van de Peer, Psalm by Herman de Coninck (Flemish)
Mary Weatherburn, A Small Garden by Rin Ishigaki (Japanese)