Paula Alonso-Lalanda, joint winner
(14-and-under prize)

¡A La Feria!

Un duro nos queda;
No te pongas seria
Y vete a la feria

Compra una oveja;
Si no la quieres blanca,
Cómprala negra.

Compra un borrico;
Si no lo quieres grande,
cómpralo chico.

Compra un carrarro;
Si no lo quieres de lata,
Cómpralo de barro.

Compra unas botas;
Si no las quieres nuevas,
Cómpralas rotas.

Compra un capacho,
Sombrerito de niña
O de muchacho.

Gloria Fuertes
Let’s Go to the Market!

If you only have a penny,
That’s not many
Don’t get serious, just stop,
Remember we’re going to a shop.

Buy yourself a lamb or a sheep
But make sure that it is cheap
Black or white it doesn’t matter
It can be thin or a bit fatter.

Buy yourself a donkey
Make sure it’s not a monkey
Short or long, even plump or skinny
Or even maybe big or mini.

Buy yourself pots and pans
Tin’s great so get it if you can
Pans and pots made of clay
So don’t just turn away.

Buy yourself a pair of shoes
Go to the shop so you can choose
Get them new or even old
Buy them creased or without a fold.

Buy yourself a nice new bag
Or a hat that has still got its tag
For any gender girl or boy
It is there for you to enjoy.

Translated from the Spanish by Paula Alonso-Lalanda
  [Commentary on the poem by the translator]   

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