Josie Chubb, winner
(Matthew Spender's 14-and-Under prize)

Son de Cloche

Tout s’est éteint
Le vent passe en chantant
  Et les arbres frissonnent.
Les animaux sont morts
Il n’y a plus personne
Les étoiles ont cessé de briller
  La terre ne tourne pas
Une tête s’est inclinée
  Les cheveux balayant la nuit
Le dernier clocher resté debout
  Sonne minuit.

Pierre Reverdy
Sound of the Bell

All has faded away.
The wind passes, singing
  And the trees shiver.
The animals are dead.
Nobody remains.
The stars have stopped shining!
  The Earth has stopped turning!
One head is bowed,
  Hair sweeps the night.
The last steeple standing
Tolls midnight.

Translated from the French by Josie Chubb
  [Commentary on the poem by the translator]   

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